Do I really need a guide for trekking?

That depends on a few things.

1. Where are you going? If you are going into popular areas, a guide might not be necessary to show you the way. However if you do want to get insights into life in Nepal and learn more about the culture, a good guide is invaluable. It does come at a small cost though.

2. What your interests are. If you only want to tick Nepal off the list with a few photos to prove it, we'll. The guide can only take pictures for you.. So not required. However if you want to enhance your trip with local knowledge, invaluable

3. How concerned are you of safety? Local guides know the terrain, understand the weather more, can crisis manage if there are problems. You cannot.

Top tip: ask about guide qualifications and experiences before you hire them. Not all come with these qualities.

Raj Gyawali

I am usually never in the office, and my colleagues call me the Tourist. I think strategically, and align the company to the future. I enjoy developing new experiences the most, and of course nothing can beat leading a group on a unique journey through Nepal. Uh Oh I forgot, I would rather be in the mountains! Also own if you are looking at travelling in other parts of the world in a similar way