Where can I see Mt. Everest from?

The air

The mountain flight is a good way to see the giant if you cannot be bothered about trekking. The one hour flight takes place in the mornings so does not disturb your day. And its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

You also see it in flights going east from Kathmandu, and sometimes when flights circle Kathmandu before landing.

One can even take a Helicopter ride to see Everest, closer than the mountain flight in the plane. Read more about it here.

From Land

Trekking in the Everest region. A minimum of five days of trekking will showcase Mt. Everest to you, but if you want to really appreciate it, we would recommend the Renjo La trek, which is nine days or the longer 5x5000m trek, which showcases five highlights in the Everest region.

If you cannot be bothered to fly to Lukla, or the reputation of being the most dangerous airport in the world scares you, do the offbeat Pikey Peak trek, that takes u out to a viewpoint at 4100m to view the range. No need to fly, and in six to seven days

Raj Gyawali

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