Currency Exchange in Nepal

Here is a quick list of suggestions regarding currency in Nepal.

Exchange Rates

The Nepali Rupees is pegged to the Indian Rupees so fluctuates according to fluctuations of the Indian currency against major currencies around the world.

A good thumb rule is to look at Rs. 100 being 1 USD, though its sometimes lower and sometimes higher than that!

How much to carry?

This depends obviously according to your trip. A good suggestion however is to carry the cash for emergencies, and use ATMs to draw money as you need it. Remember however that the max amount that ATMs will allow you to take out is Rs. 10,000 at a time (except some special ATMs) and you can take out a maximum of Rs. 100,000 in a day (again depending on your card)


The Nepali currency is available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. There are some coins too, but its not used that much, also does not buy much. Do not be surprised if you get your change in candy, at times!


Nepal is incredibly safe, and robberies are few and far between. Yet the country is getting more modern and crime slowly is creeping up. Stay safe and practice common sense while keeping your money safe.

Using Credit Cards

More and more stores, restaurants and businesses in major cities and towns have started accepting credit cards in Nepal, yet do not be surprised if you land in a place that does not, or the electricity is not working, or the POS machine is not working. Always be ready with an alternate.

At socialtours, of course, we accept all major credit cards, and hard currency as well!


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