Be Immersed

Dream NOW. Travel LATER. Immerse yourself deep into Nepali culture and who we are as a people, creating memories that will never fade. Our passion for people and nature drives us to develop trips that focus on exactly that – creating wonderful, enriching experiences.

  • Courtesy -Amrit Ale

NOTE: While this is not a time to travel in the world, we are happy to help you plan, cost trips out and keep it ready, dates to be decided. We have the time to do that now. Even better than before! Write to us! In the meantime, stay safe, stay home!

Discover the  hidden secrets of Nepal spirituality, yoga, shamanism, pilgrimage, culture and tradition, human-animal relationships, coffee farming, village stays, you name it, we can put you there. 

Experience Nepal’s Vedic heritage, combining astrology, Ayurveda and the holistic practice of yoga on our 'Trekking for Health' trip.

Search for a glimpse of the Red panda, participate in organic coffee harvesting, or experience true rural life in Nepal with a village stay. Whatever you choose, we guarantee a unique and authentic experience of some of Nepal’s best kept secrets.