DISCOVER the Working Nepali

Walk through a village, see the farmers, artisans, housewives go about their daily chores. You can also choose to partake in their every day activities and take home an unforgettable experience.

As rapid urbanization eats into the surrounding farm lands avail this opportunity to visit two small villages Kokhana and Bungmati and observe the farmer as he goes about his daily work.

Meet up with the women from the local community and try your hands at weaving. Learn to weave your own scarf and wear it with pride back home.

Meet the artisan and watch him make the famous masks that you see in the streets of Thamel. You can also try your hands at painting the mask and keep it as a memento.

Visit the historical city of Bhaktapur and meet people whose family for generations have been making yogurt the traditional way. Observe him as he goes around with the different processes of yogurt making. You can sample some of it later in the day.