DEBATE with a Monk

Buddhist Philosophy is shaped by logic and debate, and its an experience to sit with a learned monk and understand this philosophy in some depth and a chance to ask some questions

Just because they wear robes, monks do not levitate. They are humans like any of us, and are in a constant state of education, enhancing their skills and advancing a philosophy of life.

This trip focusses on Buddhism, and what it means in todays context. A chance to meet a monk and debate this philosophy opens ones eyes to its practice in Nepal today, and what it means in a modern context.

It also helps one to understand how monks tick, what their lives are like, where do they come from and questions such as those. Also a chance to find out how deep is their belief systems, and what holds it together.

The story

Lobsang, one of the learned monks who leads this experience in the famous monastery at Kopan, always wanted to be a monk. He comes from the Everest Region in Nepal, very close to Lukla, the (in)famous airport. He hounded a fellow monk to become his disciple until one day he relented. Over the years, he has become a master of his own and is specialised in the art of explaining Buddhism. 

He has an easy style of explanation, and is incredibly knowledgeable and modern, and has an uncanny ability to explain even the most complicated tenets with simplicity and logic!

Its quite an experience.


Monks are temperamental and their personal duties come in the way of planned appointments. They go on personal meditations sessions, there are festivals, birthdays, auspicious pujas (rituals). One has to be flexible and accept if postponements and cancellations happen.

As they say, "Plans seldome survive reality, change can be inspirational!"


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  • "Debate with Monk"

  • Debate with monk

  • Debate with monk

  • Debate with Monk