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Nepal is a proud nation, and its people resilient and strong. This trip showcases why and how the Nepali people beat back adversities, over and over again and focusses on the skill, diversity, and pride that leads up to this.

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Nepal is evolving and moving continually. Since just 2015, the country had a massive earthquake where 9000 people died and massive destruction to property and infrastructure happened, an economic blockade that almost brought the country to a grinding halt, the new constitution was passed to joy and disapproval amongst its citizens, and most recently, a new hope of democratic stability has set in after the first general elections in almost 20 years.

With all these changes, Nepal becomes an interesting place to understand stories of resilience and human behavior to circumstances. Over and over again, the Nepali people have proven, over time, how strong and resilient they are. The factors are many - its tough geography, the fact that many cultures live here, the underlying major philosophies of acceptance and fatalism that stem from Buddhism and Hinduism.

"Never Colonised. Never Conquered. Earthquakes, blockades, political changes, nothing beats us”

This journey looks at this development, and helps travellers understand what makes this country tick, going inside the surface to dig deep into the processes. With experiences in Kathmandu and into communities, the trip has both the showcase of the splendour and mystique that is Nepal, as well as a dissected look at its nature - from history till now.

The trip is custom tailored - but includes an indepth look at the power center that is Kathmandu - its cultural, architectural and political history, as well as meeting locals. It then moves out into communities to understand how rural Nepal ticks, and ends with some R&R and reflection in beautiful settings of Pokhara or Chitwan.


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Picked up from airport and transferred to the hotel. Unless otherwise preferred, we will choose local boutique hotels in Patan, where old houses are now being refurbished into tourism hotels - that helps it retain its architecture. Time permitting, a sunset walk to Soyambhunath to understand how this almost 2000 years old heritage coped post earthquake and relating its history to that. Part of our Rise of the Artisan Series. After that, a traditional welcome dinner at Bhojan Griha, at a renovated heritage building.

  • D

  • hotel swotha
  • car

Todays day is dedicated to understand the deep rooted philosophies that guide Nepal - Hinduism and Buddhism. We do that while touring two world heritage sites of Pashupatinath (one of the top hindu temples worldwide) and Boudhanath (again a top Buddhist stupa). After we finish with this experience, we shall sit down for a detailed trip briefing, and a reflection of our day!

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This experience was developed post earthquake as we quickly realised how important the artisans were in Nepal. Structures that were close to 2000 years old crumbled and the artisans were in standby - with the techniques and skills ready to rebuild - improving on the technology every so slowly with each rebuild - approximately every 80 years as an earthquake strikes - allowing for the structures to be still beautiful and technically perfect while not allowing modernisation to completely take it over. We will conduct this tour in Bhaktapur - the ancient city that was retrofitted to a big degree in the 70's and the architecture maintained.

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Having lived with adversity (natural, economic and political) all their lives for centuries, Nepal's communties are resilient and strong. We try to understand this by going and living in a community for a couple of days, and mingling right in. We do this in custom tailored for each trip, as we cannot just impose on communities and also make it a perverse "look at a community tour". We shall determine where to go depending on the interests of the group and also its ability to give back - not in money but in skills and the needs of the community.

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We continue on our ethnologic study of communities and at the same time making it a two way process for the communities too.

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Today as we come back into Kathmandu, we shall reflect on what we learnt over this time. Supported by experts, we shall do a small workshop in Kathmandu for about two to three hours in the evening, to understand the perceptions and give it more depth. We end this section with a dinner.

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Day 7 | R & R IN POKHARA

Today starts our R&R after the trip, as we fly to Pokhara for a well well earned rest. The day is free to wander around this wonderful lake town, and soak in the sights and sounds of the the tourist hub

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  • air | car
Day 8 | BLUE DAY

Typically a blue day is a day where no one knows what happens, or everything is optional. Depending on how adventurous the group is, we can keep it either ways, surprising the group with an activity, or giving choices! The reward? Dinner in Pokhara.

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Today we fly back to Kathmandu, for a final reflective session in the afternoon. This is the end of the trip and we shall conduct a farewell dinner with all that participated in the trip - guides, experts etc.

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Day free till departure!

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Day Location Activity Transport Hotel Meals
1 Kathmandu ARRIVAL car hotel swotha D
2 Kathmandu UNDERSTANDING THE CULTURE car hotel swotha B | L
3 Bhaktapur RISE OF THE ARTISAN car hotel swotha B | L
4 Gati THE STRENGTH OF COMMUNITIES car homestay B | L | D
5 Gati THE STRENGTH OF COMMUNITIES (contd) car homestay B | L | D
6 Kathmandu REFLECTION DAY car hotel swotha B | L | D
7 Pokhara R & R in POKHARA air | car - B
8 Pokhara BLUE DAY car - B | L | D
9 Kathmandu BACK TO KATHMANDU air | car hotel swotha B | D
10 Kathmandu DEPARTURE car - B
Brief Itinerary Detailed Itinerary
  • "Swyambunath - Monkey Temple with amazing sunset view"

  • "Kathmandu - Thamel"

  • "Pokhara Fewa Lake"

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