Humans of Bhaktapur

Walk to the one of the  many artisans who are still practicing the age old craft of making Nepali paper, indigenous yoghurt and wood carving. 

  • Courtesy - Photo by WeRoad on Unsplash

Highlights: Meeting locals, understanding of lifestyles, skills sets, businesses

Narrative: The yogurt in Bhaktapur is famous for the country over - locals believing that the microclimate in the valley allows for the best yogurt to be made here. The potters, woodcarvers, and artisans in Bhaktapur are also famous in Nepal and in the region, some reaching as far off as Beijing. Meeting them helps in understanding how skilled artisans are an integral part of the Newar social fabric. This trip was developed post-earthquake to prove that life goes on regardless of calamities.

Start Time: 1000 hrs at Bhaktapur, 45 minutes earlier if at the hotel
Bookings: Short notice

Itinerary: 10 am drive to Bhaktapur meet various artisans and observe them at work from close proximity. You can even taste the yogurt is made in the traditional way.


  • Local Guide
  • Lunch
  • All Nepal Government taxes


  • Anything not included above



  • Humans of Bhaktapur

  • Bhaktapur Square


Day Tours | What to carry

The day tours are the ones where you have to worry the least about what to carry. However, some information is always helpful.

  • A light jacket or a warm jacket (depending on time of year and how cold you generally get)
  • An umbrella or a rain jacket. You never know
  • Some money (in case a souvenir tempts you, or you want to have a drink)
  • A water bottle (water is available for purchase everywhere, though we do not recommend purchasing plastic bottles - garbage is a nuisance in Nepal.
  • Comfortable clothes - shorts are also fine of course..
  • Comfortable shoes - trainers are best!