Old Kathmandu - Walk with a Local

Walk the oldest parts of Kathmandu with Prabod, an artist and an enterpreneur, who is a proud local and passionate about showcasing lifestyle in his backyard.

  • Courtesy - Jay San
  • Courtesy - Jay San

3 hours | Daily
Starts at 0945 hrs
1 - 6 person max

The oldest part of Kathmandu has gone through constant change - from the influences brought about by traders on the salt route between China and India to upheavals by kings ranging from the local Mallas or the Persian influenced Shahs, or the arrival of the western culture through hippies in the sixties, and more recently through the advent of social media.

Yet the strong sense of culture that the locals of Kathmandu adheres to perseveres, with its constant push and pull.

As you walk the inners of the city with Prabod, you start understanding this - the influences of a cultural practice guided by Tantra, influenced by politics and urbanisation, and the cross-cultural modernising influences on youth from the '60s onwards.

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Route (subject to change by the guide)
Thamel - Thahity - Bangemuda - Kilagal herb market - Nardevi - Kangkeswori and then via Pig Alley to Jhon'Chhen (Freak Streat) - Cikamugal and Om Bahal into NewRoad, Indrachowk, Ason and back to Thamel

Disclaimer: Prabod is not a trained cultural guide, he is just a very informed, passionate local. And an artist and an entrepreneur


  • Guided walk
  • Overall Briefing with a coffee at HUB, Thamels top hangout space


  • Snacks, Tips, and other Beverages
  • Kathmandu Street

  • "Bhaktapur on Wheels"


Day Tours | What to carry

The day tours are the ones where you have to worry the least about what to carry. However, some information is always helpful.

  • A light jacket or a warm jacket (depending on time of year and how cold you generally get)
  • An umbrella or a rain jacket. You never know
  • Some money (in case a souvenir tempts you, or you want to have a drink)
  • A water bottle (water is available for purchase everywhere, though we do not recommend purchasing plastic bottles - garbage is a nuisance in Nepal.
  • Comfortable clothes - shorts are also fine of course..
  • Comfortable shoes - trainers are best!